After finding Dr. Graves many years ago, he is the ONLY chiropractor I will see.

He encourages at home exercises to minimize office visits and it usually takes a single visit to fix whatever I have done to myself when I pull my neck or back.

On average, I usually see him once a year or every other year but he is always a life saver when I do something dumb and injure myself.
5 Stars


Greenwood Village, CO

Dr. Graves is excellent. He explains your condition and options extremely well. He doesn’t draw out treatment encouraging numerous visits.
5 Stars



This place was really great. The Dr was extremely knowledgeable and great at explaining all problems thoroughly. He fixed my main back issue and then some. I highly recommend this practice.

5 star



I LOVE these guys!!!
I dealt with over two years of pain and taking pain meds because a car accident. The doctor I was going to sent me see everyone in the book all types of doctors and therapies. I finally asked to refer me to a chiropractor. She stated “I really did not think they can do anything for you. But I guess it can not hurt”. A friend of mine had referred me to Dr. Graves multiple time since my car accident. After seeing Dr. Graves just one time I felt relief. After 3 months I was almost back to myself. Dr. Graves is amazing! I love his staff. I would NEVER go anywhere else.

Jennifer Mills
5 star

He is the best at fixing you.

Wish so much that he was in Alabama. I miss all of them in the office.

I won’t even let anyone one here work on me.


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